We welcome you to discover many facets of Kazakhstan's tourism. Experience untouched nature and magnificent landscapes, unwind in authentic nomadic culture and gastronomy, try numerous entertainment options and enjoy vibrant festivals and events in Kazakhstan. You'll find out why one traveller called Kazakhstan "a perfect mix of culture and nature".

Visit Almaty, the largest city, which is so diverse that it will not be possible to explore it fully even with many weeks. Experience the beautiful mountains: look at them, touch them, go skating or skiing, embrace the majestic snowy peaks, feel the pressure drops and breathe in the pure fresh air filled with the scent of pine needles. Of course, Almaty itself is also worthy of undivided attention. Stroll through the bright noisy streets and wide luxurious avenues, experience the local culture, and enjoy gorgeous national dishes and amazingly tasty nomadic food.

Or see Nur-Sultan, one of the largest economic and business centers in the country, with foreign colleagues and business partners coming for short business meetings, and high-level diplomatic meetings held among state representatives. Many travelers stop in here while having lay-over flights or passing through Central Asia, but thousands of travelers come here every year to admire its beauty. Nur-Sultan is an ideal place for cultural tourism.

You also must experience Kazakhstan's beautiful natural vistas. Climb Bolektau Mountain and you will find a spectacular view on all natural sites of the area: Borovoe Lake and Big Chebach’ye Lake, Zhumbaktas Rock, Okzhetpes Mountain and Blue Bay. See the second-biggest canyon in the world, Charyn Canyon, just a short drive from Almaty.

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Kazakhstan through Eyes of Western Travelers
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