Beginner Kazakh Language

Beginner Kazakh Language

Beginner Kazakh

The Elementary Kazakh course offers a foundation in developing skills to be able to speak, listen, read and write in Kazakh in a culturally appropriate way in various social situations.

Greetings & Introductions, Daily Activities & Necessities, Food & Hospitality, Time and Measurements, Doing Business, Family and Relatives, Conversations with native co-workers, Body Parts and Medical terms, Agriculture, Government, Humanitarian, Development, Military



Weekly Instruction.
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This course provides students with a general knowledge of the current spoken and written Kazakh Language. It familiarizes students with the Kazakh alphabet, common phrases used in real-life conversations and daily routines. Kazakh is spoken as a first or second language by roughly 8 million people throughout Central Asia and in Kazakhstan. Speaking some Kazakh is an asset to foreign nationals who spend time in Kazakhstan: investors, diplomats, aid workers and workers in the extractive and commercial space industries.


  • The Kazakh Alphabet, Word Structure, Word Stress
  • Sentence Structure, Basic Phrases
  • Sound Harmony, Vowels, Personal Pronouns, Consonants
Read and write simple phrases in Kazakh - Greetings of different time of the day - Ask and answer simple questions on very familiar topics - Use simple phrases and sentences to describe where you live and people you know - Understand familiar names, words and very simple sentences - Write a short, simple postcard - Fill in forms with personal details - Listen and understand relatively slow Kazakh speech, and dialogues