Anthologies of Contemporary Kazakh Literature

Cambridge University Press | 03 Jun 2020

Contemporary Kazakh Literature: POETRY

cover of Contemporary Kazakh Literature: Poetry

Featuring the work of some of Kazakhstan’s finest poets, and available in English for the first time, this anthology offers a landmark collection in modern international literature. The poetry crosses an impressive breadth of subjects and styles, from strident verse exploring Kazakh nationhood to intimate, fragile inner dialogues. Informed by Kazakhstan’s often turbulent history and its unparalleled natural landscape, the anthology offers universal insights into the human condition, filtered through Kazakh wisdom, openness and kindness.

Contemporary Kazakh Literature: PROSE

cover of Contemporary Kazakh Literature: Prose

From lyrical realism to mythical retelling, from comedy to tragedy, this exceptional anthology of prose takes you into the heart of Kazakh culture and outlook. Each author brings to life characters, beliefs and locations that embody Kazakh identity-vast landscapes, noble wildlife, deep family traditions, musicality, kindness, and a restless history, including the struggle under Soviet rule. Yet beyond such borders, there are profound views on universal themes of existence.

Featuring a diverse range of voices and available in English for the first time, these thoughtful and thought-provoking texts reveal the heart of a nation forging its identity afresh from the traditions of the past and its hopes for the future.

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